WATCH: No One Expected this Hilarious Moment During the Press Briefing – Sarah Almost Couldn’t Stop Laughing

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is well known for staying cool under pressure and today she stepped up her game by slipping in a hilarious joke, taking a jab at the mainstream media,  during Wednesday’s daily press briefing.

While taking questions from the press pool, Sanders called on journalist April Ryan, who responded by reminding the press secretary that another correspondent named Jordan had been waiting to ask a question before her.

“Jordan, and then me.  Jordan, and then me,” politely responded Ryan.

Sanders corrected herself saying, “Oh, sorry.  You’re right.  Jordan, I’m sorry.”

However, before moving on to hear Jordan’s question, Sanders smiled at Ryan and said, “April, that was very polite of you.”

“I’m always polite.” Ryan quipped and the entire room filled with laughter.

“Just to be clear,” Sanders joked, “I didn’t suggest otherwise, because I’m sure there will be some sort of terrible comment about how I was abusive to the press otherwise.”


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Watch the hilarious moment below:

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