Breaking Out of DC: Ivanka and Jared Are Leaving the White House

White House advisors Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have admittedly had a rough couple of weeks. With the outgoing president of Planned Parenthood claiming they unsuccessfully tried to bribe the organization to stop performing abortions and Mr. Kushner’s recently downgraded security clearance, it’s been a pretty bumpy road.

According to multiple sources at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, both the First Daughter and her husband will be making their exit within the month.

Cecile Richards, who is planning to step down as president of Planned Parenthood later this year, revealed in a new book that Ivanka and Jared secretly met with her in January 2017. She alleges that Mrs. Trump offered the prospect that her organization’s federal funding could be increased if they would agree to stop performing abortions.

Here’s the scoop from Inquisitr:

Ivanka Trump may already be planning to leave the White House. Vanity Fair reported that she and Jared Kushner are planning to exit within a month, as they have become increasingly isolated in Washington, D.C., and lost friends back in Manhattan. Despite the widespread rumors and growing pressure from both inside and outside the White House, Ivanka has never publicly discussed her future plans in her father’s administration.

Here’s more from People:

Behind the mixed messages is that Trump is reportedly “frustrated” with Kushner, “whom he now views as a liability” because of Kushner’s legal issues, investigations of the Kushner family’s real estate company and publicity over Kushner’s security clearance downgraded from its top-secret status, the Times reports.

“In private conversations, the president vacillates between sounding regretful that Mr. Kushner is taking arrows and annoyed that he is another problem to deal with,” according to the report.

Meanwhile, a Trump insider tells PEOPLE that if Kushner and Ivanka leave the White House, their exit will likely come as a relief.

“If they leave they’ll be happy to go back to their old lives,” says the source. “They love their kids so much and this is so distracting, to be a young family and have all this pressure instead of focusing on the kids. But now Jared’s name will be tarnished, which sucks for them.”

Well, we think that Ivanka and Jared have done a terrific job for President Trump. The truth is that politics is a dirty game and Washington is filled with clever and manipulative people. To be expected to navigate that cess pool without make a few mistakes is ridiculous. The whole reason the country got behind the Trump clan to begin with was we were tired of Washington politics-as-usual.

Do you still support Ivanka and Jared 100%?