TRUMP JUST PARDONED HIM – Hillary Clinton Panicking

Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly in full panic mode after learning who President Donald Trump just pardoned.

The Washington Times reported that Trump just pardoned former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, who had been convicted of reaking laws by taking a photo inside a nuclear submarine. Saucier’s case made headlines because the prosecution of him contrasted sharply with the Obama Justice Department decision not to bring charges against Clinton for mishandling classified material on her secret email server.

During his trial, Saucier’s lawyer unsuccessfully used a “Hillary Clinton defense” that argued his client couldn’t be held to a higher legal standard than Clinton was. A federal judge rejected this defense, however, and sentenced Saucier to one year in prison and a $100 fine.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the pardon on Friday, mentioning that Saucier had an otherwise exemplary service in the Navy.

“Mr. Saucier was 22 years old at the time of his offenses and has served out his 12-month sentence. He has been recognized by his fellow service members for his dedication, skill and patriotic spirit,” said Sanders. “The president is appreciative of Mr. Saucier’s service to the country.”

Saucier confessed to taking half-dozen photos of the USS Alexandria’s classified propulsion system while working as a machinist in its engine room in 2009. In May of 2016, he plead guilty to one count of unauthorized possession and retention of national defense information.

“When Kris gets home from work, when he gets to the door, I’m going to be a little emotional,” said his wife Sadie. “I can’t believe it happened, I don’t think it’s set in yet.”

She added that she notified her husband of the pardon via text message as he drove his garbage truck through a mountainous area with poor reception.

“I just was able to say ‘Hey’ via a text message, ‘You got a pardon.’ All he said was, ‘What!’ with a big exclamation point,” she said. “I am very grateful. It’s going to be a huge for our family. And a huge reality when probation calls and the ankle monitor is taken off, that’s going to be a big one.”

This is bad news for Clinton, as it indicates the Trump administration may eventually go after her. SHARE this story if you think Hillary Clinton should be investigated and LOCKED UP!