Uncovered: Legal, but Twisted Way Liberal Billionaire is Destroying Small Towns in America

Billionaire Tom Steyer is a whacko liberal who is a major funder of the Democrat party and extremist environmental groups.

The Washington Free Beacon writes that the political advocacy group Power the Future has launched a new website on April 12 that wants to have the term ‘Steyerville’ added to political debates.

According to the site, ‘Steyerville’ is a word describing once productive and flourishing communities gutted by the dictates of environmentalist groups that Steyer supports and advocates for.

One such place is Boone County in West Virginia. In 2010, the area was booming thanks to coal mining, but after Steyer (via Obama) unleashed the Sierra Club on it unemployment doubled to 10 percent, three elementary schools closed, 60 teachers were laid off and the population fell from 3,894 people to 1,492.

Daniel Turner, Power the Future’s executive director, says Steyer should be held accountable for what he his doing to Americana.

“We started Steyerville to demonstrate the danger the eco-left poses to rural communities,” Turner explained. “These were great small towns, but their industry was offensive to Steyer’s politics.

“Steyer’s activism has consequences, and it’s visible in these towns. Every shuttered store, every closed school, every multigenerational family that separates because mom and dad lost their job: This is all on his hands. We will make him own it.”

Power the Future says that besides West Virginia, towns in Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming have seen Steyervilles emerge after local industries were smashed by the lobbying efforts of environmentalists.

The website notes that Steyer suffers from liberal elitism.


“It’s easy to show indifference to a community you’ve never met,” the site explains, “Steyerville is not in the Hamptons, not in South Beach, not in Aspen. Steyerville is in states people don’t often visit, in locations that don’t attract the rich and powerful outside of campaign season. And because they are out of sight, they are out of mind.”

Power the Future is upping its campaign against Steyer, saying it will be targeting places the billionaire visits with ads exposing the truth.

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