Uh Oh… Latest Poll Just Gave Pelosi & Schumer Some Very Bad News

With the 2018 midterms about to kick into gear, there is an interesting Reuters-Ipsos poll published last Fall that can give some Republicans ammunition in beating their Democrat opponents and preventing the blue wave that everyone seems to be predicting.

The poll found that less than a third of those asked believed that illegal immigration poses NO threat or a minimal threat to the United States. That finding flies in the face of the claims made by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca).

Of those saying illegal immigration was no threat or minimal, 43.5 percent of Blacks believed so and 46.9 percent of Democrats agreed. Interestingly, only 35.8 percent of Hispanics thought that illegal immigration was not a threat. Compare this to 24.7 percent of Whites and 9.7 percent of Republicans.

When those surveyed were asked if they considered illegal immigration an imminent or serious threat, the vast majority (47.8 percent) viewed it as such.

Conservative website VDare writes that Republicans should use this information to ask their Democrat rivals the following question: “Do you think illegal immigration is a threat to our country?”

The website writes, “Demand an answer. Outside of California, it’s a devastating no-win question for Democrats to face.”

If accurate, the poll would validate what pundits like Ann Coulter have been asserting for the last two years. Namely, that Trump’s success was due entirely to his aggressive stance on shutting down illegal immigration and building a wall!

Sadly, the RINO Republicans in Washington haven’t seem to received that message.


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