This Photo of a Single Atom Will Take Your Breath Away — Nothing Short of STUNNING…

You’re going to gasp when you see the image that this scientist from Oxford University captured. It’s a single strontium atom suspended in motion by electric fields and it is breath taking.

Here’s the image:

(Scroll down for a close up)

Here’s the story behind the picture from Gizmodo:

“This strontium atom is emitting light after being excited by a laser, and it’s the winner of the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) photography award. The EPSRC announced the winners of its fifth annual contest yesterday. Winning photographer David Nadlinger, graduate student at the University of Oxford, was just excited to be able to show off his research.

“It’s exciting to find a picture that resonates with other people that shows what I spend my days and nights working on,” Nadlinger told me. The best part, to him, was “the opportunity to excite people about my research, more than winning a competition.”

Nadlinger traps atoms as part of his research on quantum computing. The laser light causes the atom to emit photons, which could be collected using a longer exposure. He took the photo through a window into the vacuum of the ion trap.”

As promised, here’s the close up:

Judges looked at over 100 entries before choosing the prize winning photograph.

Here are a few other entries that we’re sure you’ll find equally dazzling:

This one was taken by Mahetab Amer – University of Nottingham and shows the different shape of polymers.

This one, by Li Shen – Imperial College London, demonstrates “the behavior of soap bubbles to study the formation of foams. According to the EPSRC website, it was “taken using a highly customized set-up comprising two Quality Street biscuit tins, an oven tray, parts of a Tesco water bottle, a piece of transparency paper, Fairy Liquid, a builder’s lamp and a DSLR camera, a Nikon D500 with a 105mm VR macro lens.”

And finally, this last one by Tayo Sanders II – University of Oxford depicts a “colorized image of a biodegradable microbowl that could potentially deliver drugs more efficiently.”

We truly live in an AMAZING Universe!

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