Texas Congressman Reveals Dark Truth About Mueller Investigation — We’re in “Dangerous Waters…”

The biggest surprise of 2017 hasn’t been how many Democrats in Congress hate Trump, but how many Republicans truly want to see him fail! Well, Louie Gohmert is NOT one of those Republicans. In fact, the Texas Congressman is one of the few voices in Congress who’s had Trump’s back throughout this entire year, and now Gohmert is speaking up and shedding light on the real motives of Robert Mueller and his sham investigation.

From Western Journalism:

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, charged that special counsel Robert Mueller would “love to get (President) Trump’s scalp.”

“Mueller I have said since day one, since he was appointed, he’s bad news. He’s out for a scalp,” the conservative congressman stated on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “He would love to get Trump’s scalp. He would love to be the hero of the left to take out Donald Trump; he will do everything he can to do that.”

Gohmert further contended that the controversial text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok–who was removed from Mueller’s team last summer–and his then alleged mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page, will not impede the special counsel from pressing on toward his objective.

“Mueller is not going to be deterred by these people falling around him. He wants a scalp, and he’d love to get POTUS. If he cannot get the president, He’ll take a Mike Flynn, and it was kind of sad the way that all happened,” Gohmert said, adding, “We’re in some dangerous waters going forward.”

More from Western Journalism:

“My impression is, since the day Mueller went in, he has not been the upstanding, fair guy that people have painted him as being,” the representative said. “He did more destruction to the FBI, he weakened the FBI more so than J. Edgar Hoover, or anybody ever did. He purged the training records of anything that affected radical Islamists … He just consistently shows disdain toward people who are very conservative. He’s a problem.”

Gohmert also stated he will be happy to see McCabe, who reportedly plans to retire shortly after the new year, leave the FBI’s ranks.

“He can’t go fast enough. Anyone who has that much disrespect for the Republican Party for the president of the United States. This goes way beyond just having a political opinion like everybody does,” said Gohmert.

Here’s the video of Gohmert’s interview, so you can see it for yourself:

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