Game Over: Nancy Pelosi Just Got Some Very, Very Bad News

Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House who once famously said that we had to pass a bill and make it into a law in order to see what law we had just passed, is on the hot seat. It turns out the Democrats now can’t stand her as much as the Republicans do, and when you’re the Minority Leader in the House, that’s career ending news.

Here’s the story from the DailyCaller:

House Democratic Caucus chairman Joe Crowley showed support for Nancy Pelosi on “Fox News Sunday” and said he will not be challenging her for a leadership position.

Host Chris Wallace asked if Pelosi has become a liability for Democrats, but Crowley dodged the question by bashing the GOP.

“I think it was more reflective of the fact that Republicans are bankrupt on ideas. They don’t have anything else to offer except to go after Nancy Pelosi to win elections,” Crowley said. “If they think that’s a winning strategy, they are completely mistaken and wrong.”

Conor Lamb won the Pennsylvania’s special Congressional election by distancing himself from Pelosi, Wallace pointed out. But Crowley thinks Pelosi had nothing to do with Lamb’s victory.

“Conor Lamb won because he ran a local election,” Crowley replied. “He talked about that the cuts that the Republicans were attempting to make into privatized Social Security. He talked about what affect the federal government has on local politics, on people’s lives. And that’s why he won that election, not because of Nancy Pelosi.”

Crowley not planning on running against Pelosi and claims he’s only focused on winning back the House for Democrats this November, he said.

“I would wait and see just what would happen in terms of that if Nancy Pelosi decided not to run,” Crowley added. “But if Nancy Pelosi stays, I don’t see a scenario by which I would challenge her for that position.”

“I am focused right now on winning back the House of Representatives,” Crowley concluded. “I want to be the best chair of the Democratic caucus I possibly can be. Help my colleagues get re-elected and help win back seats for the House Democratic Caucus.”

The lack of self awareness by Democrats is truly staggering! He accuses the Republicans of being out of ideas? We have plenty of them and at the top of the idea list are a) Building a wall, b) Re-opening investigations into Hillary, Obama, Comey, Rice, Lynch and all the rest of that corrupt Obama administration.

Pelosi sounds like she may have cut a deal with Crowley to keep him from challenging her, but look out for Steny Hoyer, Nancy… he’s breathing down your neck!

It’s definitely time for Pelosi to go. She’s everything that’s wrong with American politics. Sure, she’s a great foil to raise money off of, but trust me… the Democrats have no shortage of them.