Waitress Refuses To Serve Trump Supporters – It IMMEDIATELY Backfires

A North Dakota waitress just learned the hard way that messing with Donald Trump supporters is not a good idea.

Mad World News reported that a Grand Forks waitress refused to serve a group of men after she learned that they supported Trump. Lucas Mondry had gone to the Brick and Barley Bar and Restaurant for drinks with some friends when a waitress approached them and tried to make small talk by asking who they voted for. The liberal woman was so furious when they told her that they voted for Trump that she refused to serve them, but it didn’t end well for her.

Mondry, who was stunned by what happened, took to Facebook to recount the situation.

“We were asked who we voted for, and because of our response we were denied our drinks,” he wrote in the now-private post, according to Red State Watcher. “I understand people can have their opinions, but I felt this was extremely unprofessional. I respect everyone’s right as a citizen to vote for whomever they choose and I expect the same. Extremely disappointed on how I was treated.”

As soon as the restaurant’s owner Sarah Horak heard about the situation, she immediately took action.

“It was an employee who went rogue and made her own choices, and unfortunately that has consequences,” Horak said, according to MPR News. “It was one of the shortest firing conversations of my career.”


This is just one example of how crazy and closed minded liberals have become. Liberals once prided themselves on being open minded, but they now have absolutely no tolerance for any views other than their own. We’re glad to see that this waitress ended up losing her job for launching this truly vile attack on Trump supporters.

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